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Welcome to SANS

Our Inspiration

Throughout her life, Mrs. Sudha Chandrasekar has been an animal lover. Rightly so, she used to contribute by providing free treatment to animals and supporting various initiatives related to animal welfare since her childhood.
Small incidents in life often cause strong shift in individual thinking. It was one such incident that prompted Sudha to channelize her entire energy to the cause of animal welfare and she founded the SANS Animal Welfare Trust.
Early in 2017, when driving along a busy highway in Chennai, she found a female Labrador limping about in a painful condition. The dog was abandoned, malnourished and had a high chance of meeting with an accident. Upon closer examination, she found that the animal had been abused with sharp objects, subjected to much cruelty and carried acid burns apart from internal and external injuries. It shocked her conscience to see the condition of the dog and immediately took her to Dr. Shankar of the SS Veterinary Hospital, Nolambur, Chennai.
Under his expert care and because of the affection showered by Mrs. Sudha, the Labrador was able to recover. But expert opinion was that her life would be short due to the extent of trauma and injuries. Mrs.Sudha readily adopted the Labrador, named her Tasha and from then on, Tasha was a proud member of her family.

Tasha never left Mrs.Sudha's side and the loyalty and affection exhibited by the Labrador was beyond words, having a magical impact on the surroundings and in enlivening her adopted home.Unfortunately, Tasha passed away after a year she was adopted. Given the condition from which Tasha was rescued and the trauma she had undergone, it was pure will with which she had survived so long. Helpless and voiceless though she was, Tasha was a real inspiration and spread love, cheer and happiness despite her tragic past.
This loss devastated Mrs. Sudha and her family and that was when they realized that animal welfare was not about feeding, adoption and funding medical and care facilities alone, but rather it is also about taking a firm stand against animal cruelty, abuse and abandonment. This turned to be the inspiration for the founding of SANS Animal Welfare Trust

Sans's Mission

Our mission is to create a better world for animals by ending the needless suffering of animals due to hunger and abuse, to provide best in class veterinary care when needed, to inspire people to change animals' lives for the better, to promote the importance of the human-animal bond and improve the role of animals in the well-being of people.

What makes us different?

SANS Animal welfare trust is a non-governmental not-for-profit organization. Some of the factors that make us unique are,
  • We respond to all calls of animal distress and take immediate action.
  • We have a team of experienced vets and animal experts on call.
  • We do not practise mercy killing (euthanasia) unless the animal has fatal contagious injection which they can pass on to fellow animals and human being.
  • We work on all aspects of animal welfare and cruelty prevention including feeding, adoption, awareness creation, tracing of missing pets, treatments, birth control and surgical care for animals.
  • We have tie ups with leading animal orthopaedic surgeons and can offer the best surgical support to animals.
  • We provide free vaccinations and also undertake anti-rabies vaccination drives.
  • We provide financial assistance to animal rescuers and also free treatment to animals & birds brought from various areas. Thus, we are able to help both the rescuers & the rescued and build a cycle of positivity.
  • When animals are adopted, we provide free food and other essentials for the first month, free vaccinations and sterilization at the appropriate time and free veterinary treatment during the first year.

Sans's Activities

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Adopt a companion; don't buy one!

Your Help Can Save Many Lives!

SANS extends its helping hands in rescuing, providing free medical treatments for homeless animals/birds and abandoned pets, vaccinating them, feeding the strays and birds every day and other activities. Big or small, your support plays a crucial role in changing the lives of these animals and helps us to provide them with the best care. Some portion will be used for our Rice and Water Bowl projects in #Letsfeedthevoiceless programme.


"Feed a Dog and it will teach you Unconditional Love"

- Sudha Chandrasekar